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Credit Card Customer Service Scam Alert

Several customers have called us and said they were contacted by an individual stating they were calling about their Community State Bank accounts. The following is a description of one of the calls:

"I received a call this afternoon from a gentleman with a foreign accent stating he was a detective by the name of Brin Cotey calling in regards to my Visa account with Community State Bank being compromised. He stated that I needed to come to the bank, withdrawal all funds, & call him back at a number he gave me when I returned home. I was instructed not to tell anyone in the bank about the phone call. He also stated that the compromise was from employees working at the bank with the names of Albert Cotey, Charles Brown, and Battler Smith."

The other call went like this:

"I received a call Saturday from a gentleman stating he was with Community State Bank (foreign accent) and was trying to get my banking info to make a missed payment for my Victoria’s Secret credit card."

In neither of these scenarios did the customer give the individual any personal information. It is important to note that:


In the event that we do need to contact you regarding your account or fraud or anything else, and you do not know the person calling you, you should simply ask to call the person back at one of the numbers below.

Starke Branch: (904) 964-7830

Lake Butler Branch: (386) 496-3333

Interlachen Branch: (386) 684-6154

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud on your account, contact your nearest branch immediately so that we may assist you in securing your account.

The US Government has created a website ( to help keep the public updated on Scams and Fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim.

We thank you for your business and look forward to meeting your ongoing financial needs.