Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Cashiers Checks-Customers Only$6
Night Deposit Bags-Zipper Only/Lock Bags$5/$25
Stop Payment Fee$35
Insufficient Funds$35
Overdraft Fee$35
NSF & Overdraft FeesFees apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Overdrawn Account Sent for Collection$15
Computer Print Out-No Charge for First Page$1 per page
Fax$1 per page
Collections-Incoming or Outgoing, Foreign/Domestic$15/$30
Check Cashing Fee$5 or 1% which ever is greater
Photo Copies-No Charge for First Five pages$1 per page after five
Account Research$20 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Copy of Bank Statement$1 per page
Special Statement Fee$5
Fee To Close AccountA charge of $15 will be assessed if account is closed less than 90 days after it was opened.
Levy or Garnishment$50
Chargeback Fee$6




Total Customer Debits On Regular Savings accounts, after your third transfer, regardless of method, you will be charged $1.00 for each additional transfer.
Overdraft Account Sent for Collection Fee$15
Hold Mail Fee$10 per month per statement held for pickup
Dormant Account

Checking (after 12 months/no activity)

$10 per month
Dormant Account

Savings (after 24 months/no activity)

$5 per month
ATM Surcharge Non-Customers$2


No Charge


$1 per page notarized
Fees For Debit Cards

Initial Card

No Charge
Fees For Debit Cards

Replace Damaged Card

No Charge
Fees For Debit Cards

Replace Lost or Stolen Card

Wire Transfers-Domestic/Foreign$15/$37
Rolled Coin Handling Fee-Business Customers Only$.10 per roll (Min Charge $1)
Change Orders-Non Customers$.15 per roll or strap (Min Charge $1)
Check Printing ChargeCharge depends on the type of checks selected